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Maija Haavisto

I'll be sure to try this one, I have a whole bunch of rhubarb in the freezer and it's in season soon again (vegan of course - eggs are nothing but detrimental in baking).


Oh perfect. I needed a rhubarb recipe for Mother's day! Mom and Grandma's favorite. Thanks!

Maija Haavisto - Fiikus

The recipe is missing the amount of sugar, but I went with about half a cup for a halved recipe (didn't want to make a whole Bundt, though I probably should have!), which was just right. Substituted soy yoghurt with a little soy flour and flax seed for the eggs. Great cake, though I think the batter was perhaps even better than the finished product. I'm probably going to make it again - and definitely going to experiment more with rhubarb and tangerine in the future.

Jeanne Bjorn

I've been told that I have a green variety of rhubarb in my yard. Have you ever tried cooking with it or have you heard of it before?

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